Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tomato Dosa

The color and the sweet taste of the tomato make this one beautiful dosa. Kids love them!

Tomato Dosa

1 1/4 cup Raw Rice
2 tbsp Toor Dal
2 Tomatoes
2-3 Red Chillies
1-2 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
1 tbsp Cilantro, chopped
Salt, to taste

Soak the rice, toor dal and the red chillies for 3 hours.

Grind all the ingredients with water to a pouring consistency.

Heat a little oil (about a teaspoon) on a crepe pan/ flat saute pan. Pour the ground mixture and spread like you would a dosa/ crepe.

Flip over until both sides are cooked through.

Serve with a chutney or just eat it plain! :)

This is off to Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook for the Pancakes on Parade event. I'm sure the round-up is going to have some amazing ideas! Thanks, Susan.

I'm also sending this to Srivalli as a very late addition to her Dosa Mela.

I want to thank DK and Siri for organizing the Recipe Marathon. It has really changed my outlook on blogging. I also managed to meet a bunch of really cool people! And I got an award too:

Thanks DK for a gorgeous award.


Devi Priya said...


I would like to pass on the award, I got from a fellow blogger Andhra flavours. According to the rules, you will have to pass this award to four other fellow bloggers (I am sure you know it). Please copy the log from for you made my day.

BTW, I am passing you the award, on the post where I have Ravva dosa!


Cham said...

Congrats for the medal, dosa is colorful and i love the tangy taste dosa

zlamushka said...

lovely dosa. Original, with tomatoes. and loook at that color.
By the way, round-up for T&T May is up now. Hope you re ready for the June challenge.

TBC said...

This has been on my "list of recipes to try" for so long now!
Love the color of your dosa.

Srivalli said...

looks lovely I always love tomato dosa!..was this the one you said you will send to the dosa mela?..if so do send it!

Vani said...

I've never tried tomato dosa before. Sounds interesting! Loved your Zatar platter too. Congrats on crossing the line at the Recipe Marathon. All of you who did it are really amazing bloggers! :)

Unknown said...

Great Marathon it was, Loved to watch that race of the recipes. This dosa sounds interesting and healthy too.Tomota bcomes mores nutritous when cooked. Thanks for sharing.

Arundathi said...

Priya - Thanks - will go check it out now.

Cham - Thanks :)

Z - I'm actually done making the June challenge. Will post it soon.

TBC - It tastes lovely - do try it!

Valli - Will amend the post and send it to you

Vani - Thanks :) we're patting ourselves on the back too ;)

Pearls - Didn't know tomato is more nutritious when cooked... interesting. Thanks!

Sujatha said...

Great looking Dosa Arundathi! I make a similar version of Tomato Uthappam.. Next time, I will try dosa :)

Sangeeth said...

great looking dosa arunthathi.....

Jayashree said...

It sure is one yummy and colourful dosa....Congrats on "crossing the line"....

bha said...

the first pic is real nice, never had a tomato dosa though....congrats for the award...:P

Sia said...

arundathi, wonderful colour and texture of tomato dosa. i make them quite similar way as i love tomato dosas and sometimes for instant dosas i use maida in place of rice. ur post just reminded me that its been quite some time since i had them. so thank u dear :)

SASHREE said...

arundathi congrats on ur medal and tomato dosa is looking yummy,i luv tomatoes n ill try this for sure.thanx for sharing

mitr_bayarea said...


congrats on the award...tomato dosa batter looks like adai batter, but, am sure, tastes different, will try it sometime soon.

Arundathi said...

Sujatha - Let me know how it turns out.

Sangeeth - Thanks.

Jayashree - Thank you thank you :)

Bhags - do try it - its a lovely mild taste.

Sia - Sure. And thanks for the tip about the maida - great idea.

Sashree - sure. thanks!

Mitr - It's much thinner than adai batter and far more tasty (I think!)

Finla said...

Wow i have never had tomato dosa. This looks so delicious

Beyond Curries said...

I also make this Arundathi. It's definitely different both in color as well as taste. I also saw a recipe for spinach dosa, where you have to grind the spinach. But did not try it so far.

Congrats on completing the marathon successfully.

Lisa Turner said...

I've only just recently begun to explore the delights of dosa. I'm liking the looks and sounds of this one.

Mansi said...

that looks awesome Arundhati! totally my kind of dosa:)

Jamie said...

Arundathi, your dosa looks so good. Two Indian dishes that I haven't quite developed a good technique for are dal and dosa. I will let you know how I do with this one!

Arundathi said...

Happycook - :) try it!

Madhu - thanks - the spinach is a great idea - my daughter would love colorful dosas!

Lisa - Its very easy to make, Lisa - do give it a try!

Mansi - Thank you! :)

Jamie - Do try it - its simple and delicious!

Ranjani said...

great going on the award!
Interesting dosa, never seen tomatoes in it:)

Siri said...

tomato dosa looks so cool and yum yum.. didn't about the pancake parade event..Thanks to ur post..I have a pancake recipe which I bookmarked loong back. will try that out now..


Madhavi said...

WOW Dosa looks awesome, lovely color as well. Thanxxx for sharing this recipe!!!

Arundathi said...

Ranjani - Thanks! Do try it - its mild and tasty!

Siri - cool - am waiting to see your pancake recipe! Hugs!

Madhavi - Sure, Madhavi - thanks!

Swati Raman Garg said...

woww i love that color anu... too good...