Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deviled Eggs with Wasabi

The taste of wasabi is indescribable. It's like someone punched you in the face and then your brain starts seeping out of your eyes, nose and ears! :) You want to jump up and scream, and you feel like you are going to explode, but the taste passes all too soon and then you just want to have more! I've loved wasabi from the first moment I tried it.

Here's some pictures which perfectly describe how I felt when I had wasabi for the first time (do check out that link - its amazingly perfect and funny!).

So when KayKat of Cooking from A to Z, announced wasabi as this month's chosen theme for the Think Spice event, I immediately started my search for wasabi in Chennai. I finally did find a tube of the paste. I've had fresh Wasabi several times, and it doesn't compare to the paste, but, in a pinch, it's quite good.

Inspired by Kalyn, Coconut & Lime and Epicurean, I ventured out to make my own version.

Deviled Eggs with Wasabi

4 Eggs, hard boiled
3 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 1/2 tbsp Wasabi paste
1 tbsp Mustard (I used French Mustard)
3 tbsp Sesame Seeds, toasted
Salt, to taste

First boil the eggs, and set aside to cool. Peel them and cut in half vertically.

Scoop the yolks out and put them in a bowl with the wasabi, mayo and mustard. Mix to combine, making a thick paste. Add salt as needed.

Pipe or spoon the mixture into the egg whites. I scooped the mixture into a Ziploc bag, cut a tiny bit off the corner, and piped the mixture through into the egg whites.

(was trying to pipe and click at the same time!)

Garnish with roasted sesame seeds.

They were just delicious!! I've never made deviled eggs and have always wanted to try. The mixture had the right amount of kick with the wasabi.

For the Chennai folks: S&B Wasabi is available at Maison de Gourmet.


Ranjani said...

Those look fab!
I love me some wasabi too, it is pretty addictive! I've never cared much for deviled eggs, but I'm sure yours must have some kick to it!
I need to start participating in events...I'm so lazy!

Siri said...

I love deviled eggs and the flowers look so pretty!!..:)

great entry Anu!


Cham said...

We get the sane company of wasabi here :) Love the devil egg wasabi

Chef Jeena said...

Yummy yummy and yummy! :-)

bha said...

the first pic is so beautiful....i was planning to post devilled eggs since a long time, just couldn't capture it the end u did knock dowm wasabi in chennai...:)

Madhavi said...

Deviled egg looks goood, very nice presentation too!!!

Finla said...

Really clever to make devils eggs with wasabi

ranji said...

that some nice topping for devilled eggs..something very different than i have come across..nice twist anu..ROFL...from whr do u get these photos anu and that too at the right time:)

sra said...

I like wasabi too, and would love to try this.

Arundathi said...

Ranjani - Thank you girl! Do try the deviled eggs - might just change your mind. And participate in those events!!

Siri - thank you sweetie! Hugs.

Cham - oh really! how cool! thanks!

Jeena - thanks thanks thanks!

Bhags - Yup - found it in a shop I go to often! Would love to see your recipe too!

Madhavi - thanks!

Happy Cook - thanks!

Ranji - yeah, weren't those pictures great! LOL!

Sra - thanks - do try it!

mitr_bayarea said...


yummy looking deviled eggs w/wasabi, a great combo, unfortunately, we don't cook eggs at home.

Unknown said...

Devil eggs looks relishing.I love wasabi and can imagine how delicious it must be tasting.Great recipe.

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Those eggs look dressed up.:)
I've never tasted it and since I can't find it here, I'll have to wait to discover this flavour.

Sunshinemom said...

Hey! You are actually scaring me - I just came back from those pics! But I will take your word for it. They look good:) Will have to check up availability in the neighbourhood!

Lisa Turner said...

Now this is an idea I haven't thought of! I want these little delights right this minute.

Swati Raman Garg said...

u finally got wasabi coool... this looks divine....

Srivalli said...

yay yay..the picture looks great..coming up next is mine with the same..heheh

Arundathi said...

Mitr - ooh - wish you did - its yummy!

Pearlsofeast - Thanks!

Aparna - I'm sure you can find it there. If I can find it in Chennai... :)

Sunshinemom - No no didn't mean to scare you! Its delicious! And addictive. Pls do find it - it'll be worth it!

Lisa - I hope you do make it and try it - yours looked so great too!

Swati - thanks babe.

Valli - waiting for yours! ;)

Sig said...

I love the wasabi deviled eggs at one of my favorite restaurants here...I've always wanted to try it out at home, never got around to it... Love your version! :)

Arundathi said...

Am so glad you liked it, Sig. Do try it.

Unknown said...

Wow! This is awesome. I love deviled eggs, wasabi can only make them better :)

Thanks for a great entry!

Arundathi said...

Sure :-) Thanks for pushing me to find wasabi in chennai!

DocChuck said...

Well, I love deviled eggs, I love wasabi, and I love your beautiful photos.

Never have tried wasabi with deviled eggs before. But, I have a tube of the paste (exactly like yours) in the fridge that I bought from my local Safeway.

I will be trying your method with some of my favorite Trader Joe's "Jumbo" eggs within a day or two (Hey, I also love Trader Joe's).

What a great post! Your blog is a winner.

Anonymous said...

Wasabi sure is a punch in the face! I love the idea of combining eggs and wasabi! Great idea! Thanks for sharing.. and you totally put a smile on my face with your opening paragraph!

Unknown said...

This recipe looks amazing. I'm going to try it this weekend!

You might be interested in my website. There are some incredible recipes.

Thanks for the idea!


Dragon said...

I can't wait to try these. I love wasabi!

Arundathi said...

DocChuck - Thanks! And thanks for stopping by...

GirlCanBake - :) glad you enjoyed it! Do try it and let me know!

Just One Plate - What a fabulous site you have. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Dragon - :) I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Thanks for stopping by!

ANKUR said...

Hey where did you find wasabi sauce in Chennai. Tried lotsa place but no success.