Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dal Dhokli - Your Recipe Rocks!

Dal Dhokli is a Gujarati/ Rajasthani dish - that is filling and delicious. Like Sambar or Lasagna or even Mac and Cheese, every home has their own twist on the recipe - some load it with lots of ingredients and many are simple. Some others are simple but have lots of toppings. Whichever way it's served, it's always delicious.

I've had it several times in different houses, but people, like I've mentioned before, would rather not divulge their family dal dhokli secrets! :) So you'll never get the recipe! The better the dal dhokli, the tougher it is to get the recipe from the chef!

When I came across this recipe at Arundati's Escapades, I was very excited to try it. And it turned out very well. You can dress it up, like I've done here, or just eat it in all its simplicity.

I made a few changes - since I never do have ghee at home, I omitted it from the recipe (I know - ghee always makes everything taste better!), and I cooked it for longer to have a slightly thicker version. I also served it with crushed potato chips (instead of the normal crunchies like sev), and chopped onions.

Dal Dhokli
(adapted from here)

Cook toor dal with a pinch of turmeric powder.

While the dal cooks, make two little balls of chappati dough (whole wheat flour and water), roll them out into thin rotis and cut into strips.

Add the strips of dough to the cooked dal. Continue cooking for about 10 minutes, until the dough is cooked through.

In a separate pan, heat some oil and add mustard seeds. When the mustard begins to splutter, add cumin seeds, a bay leaf, couple of cloves, cardamoms (or cardamom powder), red chillies and asafetida. Fry for a few minutes and then add this to the cooked dal. Garnish with chopped cilantro.

To serve: Spoon large ladlefuls of the dal dhokli into bowls. Add some crushed potato chips and chopped onion. Other options for toppings: fried onions, sev, tomatoes, green chillies.

Your Recipe Rocks! - Thanks, Arundati. It's a keeper. And a great one-dish meal, so off it goes for Archana's One-D event as well.


Ranjani said...

Hey fellow saggi!I've never heard of anything like this before, it sounds really interesting. Does the roti cook with the dal? Do you eat this by itself or with rice or something?
Sorry I'm badgering you with q's but I am curious!
Hoping to make a Delhi trip this winter if all goes well, would love to touch base with you if it does materialize:)

Finla said...

Deliicious. Looks to that last pic i am really hungry no no not hungry just greedy to eat the bowl of food.

Lisa Turner said...

I've never heard of this dish before, but I would sure like to try it. You do learn something new each and every day.

Chef Jeena said...

I have a feeling that if I ate this at a friends house I would be begging for the recipe. :-D

looks so good and I can just imagine the taste!!!!!!

ranji said...

i have never had dal dhokli in my life!!it looks so delicous anu...must have been so good with rice :)

Sig said...

Daal Dhokli looks delicious Arundhati, it is a new dish to me... I never get those people who wouldnt give out their so-called family secret recipes.... :) Share the joy, people!!!

Vaishali said...

Looks super-delicious, Arundathi. And I love the toppings.

notyet100 said...

tried making forswc gujarat,..for the first time,..ur version looks good,,,

delhibelle said...

DD looks lovely..glad you finally found a great recipe for it:)

Anonymous said...

wow!! you made it?? and loved it?? super!! when my friend made it for me, she too served it with raw onions sliced and some nimboo...i cant stomach raw onions, so omitted it!!

Srivalli said...

looks good anu..

Arundathi said...

Ranjani, my dear Saggie friend! :) Yes the roti cooks in the dal - its definitely a meal in itself and doesn't need rice or anything else. Its very filling. Would love to touch base when you're in India!

Happy cook - :) Would love to pass some over.

Lisa - I definitely recommend trying it - its delicious.

Jeena - it tastes great - and let me tell you from experience, begging gets you nowhere!! lol!

Ranji - It doesn't need rice - its a meal in itself since the roti and the curry are cooked together.

Sig - I agree with you! People, lighten up - don't take your food so seriously! :D Do try it Sig, its delicious!

Vaishali - thanks!

Notyet - thanks - will have to go check out your version.

Delhibelle - lol - yup it took a while, but all thanks to arundati.

Arundati - I agree with you on the raw onions! :) But I love love loved it, namesake! Thanks so much!

Valli - thanks dear!

Unknown said...

hi arundathi
can you please visit my blog there is some thing for you please visit
dal dhokli realy rocks

Anonymous said...

This looks so very delicious. I have been cooking a lot of dals lately - simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

indian pasta - that's what this is :D

Nupur said...

The dal dhokli with the crushed chips looks so appetizing! It is 6.34 am and I am craving it now :D

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Another new dish to me.
Looks good and sounds very tempting.

Sunshinemom said...

The dish itself looks rocking! I am sure that tasted good:)- and who doesn't love a one pot meal?

Indranee Batabyal said...

This dal looks very tempting! Looks like a complete food and very filling.

@the_whisk_affair said...

looks absolutely delicious arundathi! great YRR entry!

Richa said...

dal dhokli is such a comfort food, urs looks very good :) you may try adding cashew/raisin in tadka for a lovely flavor!
btw, thanks for dropping by!

Rajani said...

arundhati, hi there... great recipe! and for your wonderful,yummy blog something from me to you - drop by my blog!

Bharathy said...

hmm...havent heard of it..absolutely interesting recipe..:)

Beyond Curries said...

Dal Dhokli looks so appetizing Arundathi. I have not tasted it before, but would love to try it very soon. Thanks for sending it to the event. Since this is a one dish meal, you can also send it to Archana's One D event.

Madhavi said...

Dal Dhokli is my hubby's all time fav dish. Yours looks mouthwatering, very tempting!!!

sra said...

This looks great - I've made it just once, and have never had it anywhere else. I wonder what possesses people to not reveal recipe secrets - I've never come across anyone that possessive. I mean, that seems to be the least anyone can part with. Sometimes I wonder if the secret is that there's no secret but just a hugely lucky accident, LOL!

Anonymous said...

looks yummy ... the last pic is really nice ... will try it out.

Bharti said...

Thanks for the visit, and that is one interesting recipe. Never seen anything like it before! I love it...its almost like cooking dumplings??? It's going in my must try recipe list. Thanks for posting.

Cham said...

Seeing the pic i thought why the mac & cheese is so runny, but what a lovely conforting food :)

Devi Priya said...

always enjoyed at friends place never made at home! Thanks for sharing

Dee said...

Dal dhokli looks fab arundhati , a meal by itself!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a Singaporean who moved over to Chennai for work in Feb and i really enjoy your food and writings. I am looking for some shop to buy good curry powder/ Indian spices to bring back for my family and friends. Would you be able to kindly advise me on that?


Deepthi Shankar said...

Looks delicious .. it reminds me of a gujju frnd in school who used to bring dal dhokli for lunch .. ammazing entry. Thanks for sharing

ST said...

Hi arundati,First time at ur blog.U have nice and lovely blog.Dal Dhokli is my Familys all time fav dish. Yours looks mouthwatering, very tempting!!!Seeing the pic I just wanted to eat it right now......

Arundathi said...

Rekhas Kitchen - Thanks so much!

Vegeyum - I do hope you try it - it is delicious!

Lakshmi - yup something like it atleast

Nupur - LOL!! I can eat this anytime too!!

Aparna - Thanks.

Sunshine - Yes it tasted great!

Indranee - Yes it is a complete meal.

JZ - thank you

Richa - oh thats a great idea - thanks.

Rajani - thanks girl!

Bharathy - nice to see you here!

Madhuram - thanks for suggesting it for Archana's.

Madhavi - your husband has good taste! :)

Sra - lol! good explanation - maybe they just dont know how it came out either!

Skribles - thanks. do try it.

Bharti - I loved your blog. yes, a bit like dumplings with no filling.

Cham - lol!! no no not mac and cheese definitely.

Devi Priya - sure, you're welcome.

Dee - Yes, it is. Thanks.

Anonymous - I think you could try Nilgiris or Nuts and Spices. Both stock a lot of fresh south Indian spices.

Vegetable Platter - Sure, thanks.

Sireesha - thanks so much for stopping by. Off to check out your blog now... :)

FH said...

That is so beautiful A, Indian style Pasta dish. Great dish to try!:)

Tee said...

Its a family favorite! We call it 'Varanphala' and normally make it using Goda Masala.
Loved this version too.

Arundathi said...

Asha - thanks!

Tee - oh thats a great idea. i don't have goda masala but am now confident i can make it at home! :) LOL! Off to check off your blog...

amna said...

wht a lovely recipe!! i am going to try this tonight :)

Arundathi said...

do let me know how it turns out, nags!

Swati Raman Garg said...

wohoo it looks interesting but i have some questions abt it will shoot on a mail... :) looks interesting to me... must try it once.. i have missed out so many from ur blog... off i go to check other posts...

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