Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Apple Crumble

For the Open Sesame riddle (and I love DK and Siri's riddles!), I was sent this one:

A moniker in my name for a city

A phrase with me will make you cherished
I am so good for you in my utter simplicity
In Medical dictionary the fact so furnished

I am so famous in the world of bytes

Known for many aspects of usage

I am fat and rotund and make crunchy bites

My fame known from many religious traditions - right from the old age

Am, I forbidden? Or mystical ?

or the eternal giver of Youth

I consist of five internal carpels

Am good for good health of your mouth

I am as basic a fruit as you can think of

Or as hard if you don't try enough
If You eat me on a day to day basis

Then you don't have worry about anything - be it cold or dry cough

Easy enough? I guessed Apple and I was...ahem...right.

I eat fresh apples quite a bit, but don't cook with them very often. The one time I loved apple as dessert was an Apple Crumble that my friend's mother used to make many years ago. I remember sitting at their dining table, sipping tea and eating crumble while it rained outside - rain is the perfect accompaniment for crumble!

I went to their house, learned how to make it and came rushing home to try it. And soon in my house there was the glorious aromas of home baked crumble! There's really nothing better!

Apple Crumble

4 apples, peeled and sliced into large chunks (choose firm, crunchy apples - green or yellow)
3 oz all-purpose flour
1.5 oz cold butter
1.5 oz brown sugar (I used Demerara)

Butter a baking dish. Preheat oven to 350 deg F.

Fill the baking dish halfway with the apple slices

Add the butter to the flour, and blend in to resemble bread crumbs (try not to use your fingers to do this, as the butter tends to become warm - if you can, use a fork. If you have cold hands, no problem!). Blend it in quickly and lightly - just till combined.

Add the sugar to the flour mixture. This is what it will look like.

Scoop the crumble onto the apples.

Bake for 20-25 mts, until slightly browned on top.


DK and Siri, you know you rock! :-)


Srivalli said...

hey anu..wonderful dish!..this was the first one almost that was made in mw for my event!..:)..

Siri said...

YUMMY crumble Anu. Thanks babe! U ROCK!!


FH said...

YUM! I love any kind of Crumble. I make with Mango and Watermelon too. Apple crumble is great dessert to have!:)

Madhavi said...

Crumble looks goood!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Anu..I love these..I got the same riddle too..Yet to post my recipe

Kalai said...
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Kalai said...

Delicious crumble, Arundhati! Definitely one of my faves. Try it with a scoop of ice cream for a real treat. Is that heaven or what?? :)

Sunshinemom said...

Lovely! I made this years back. Must try it again!

Raaga said...

looks yummy... I made this for an impromptu dinner once :-)

Bharti said...

Looks really delicious..I love apple crumble....u know I have tried substituting the all purpose for whole wheat flour and that's delicious too.

Rachel said...

Yummy-looking crumble!!! I like that you took the effort to find the recipe and immediately got down to doing it..good one!!1

Arundathi said...

Valli - oh how cool! :) have to check it out - didnt realize you could make this in a m/w

Siri - thanks babe!

Asha - Watermelon?? What a great idea!

Madhavi - Thanks

Divya - can't wait to see yours!

Kalai - It's beyond heaven!! :D

Sunshine - :D Thanks

Raaga - oooh lovely - thanks for the link

Bharti - what a great idea - i'd much prefer to use wholewheat. Thanks!

Rachel - Yeah - I just had to do it right away! :) thanks!

Swati Raman Garg said...

bake arghhhhh ... u know how bad i feel when i like something and cannot bake it.. :) the whole idea looks interesting buddy ... from where do u get them .. u r like ashakka for innovation....

Jamie said...

WOW! This brings back some memories for me! I love Apple Crumble. We used to call it Apple Crisp when my mom would make it. Looks Wonderful!

DK said...

I am now crumbling with tongue-salivation! Looks abs yummo! am so jumpy jumpy knowing u liked my riddles - and esp when u "pitchified" ur hair trying to solve the others - hehehe Love u dahling! and more than anyone - U know U rock for ur less than 2min cracks at the riddles - u wait for next time!

Arundathi said...

Swati - :D mostly getting family secrets from other people! haha! no innovation - just great combination!! LMAO!

Jamie - Yes, I've seen Apple Crisp on lots of menus. I love it too! Thanks.

DK - :D Bring it on, baby!!

Beyond Curries said...

This one too is in my pending list Arundathi. Just like Kalai has mentioned warm apple crumble and cold vanilla ice cream is to die for combination.