Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kootu # 2

Here we go with the next kootu in the series, called, very imaginatively....

Kootu # 2

2 tsp Urad Dal (split Black Gram)
1/2 tsp Black Peppercorn
2 Red Chillies
1 tsp Cumin
1/2 tsp Coriander Seeds
1/4 cup Coconut
1/2 cup Moong Dal (split Green Gram), cooked
1/2 cup Vegetables, cooked with water (here I've used carrots and peas)

Pan fry the urad dal, peppercorn, red chillies, cumin, coriander seeds and coconut until golden brown. Add water and blend together in the blender. Add 1/2 tbsp moong dal and blend.

Cook the moong dal and veggies and mix together.

Heat some oil and add urad dal, cumin, curry leaves, asafoetida and red chillies. When golden brown, add to the cooked dal.


Priya Suresh said...

Delicious and great looking kootu..

Usha said...

Perfect comfort food, looks delicious!

Bhavani said...

Carrots and peas! never made kootu with that alone. i made cabbage and peas kootu a couple of days ago and it went so well with the vethakozhambu thanks to you sending me the v-podi.

Malini Horiuchi said...

looks yum

Parita said...

Love the addition of black pepper..yummy!

Arundathi said...

Thanks everyone.

@ Bhavani - i haven't used carrots and peas before either, but thats the only veggies i had at home! :) it was fine.