Monday, May 11, 2009

Anadama Bread

When I first got the book, Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart, I made quite a few of the recipes and every single one of them was fabulous. And then Nicole of Pinch My Salt came up with this idea of getting a bunch of people together and baking all the recipes from the book.

And what a great bunch of bakers - we're from all over the world and have lots of people who've never baked bread before, to people who have been baking bread since they were 10! Check out the other members of the Bread Bakers Apprentice Challenge.

We're starting with the first recipe and working our way to the end, week by week! So first up is the Anadama Bread. A New England bread, I had never heard of it before. Its made with cornmeal and molasses and has a crunchy, sweet flavor.

Mine didn't come out well! I mixed the cornmeal with water and let it soak for about 8 hours. The next day, I added the molasses, flour and the rest of the ingredients. The dough was soft (except for the coarse corn meal), and it was easy to get to the windowpane stage. I then put it into the refrigerator to proof overnight.

The next day, I left it out for an hour, and then shaped it into loaves. I put the loaves back into the refrigerator for about 6-7 hours. I then took them out and proofed them at room temperature for 3 hours. I should have waited longer, but it just didn't seem like they were going to rise to above the lip of the loaf pans. They were nowhere close! The first proof was beautiful, not sure what happened to the second rise.

Anyway, I then baked the bread for 50 minutes (rotating the pans half way). They came out not looking much like sandwich loaves.

But we sliced, buttered and toasted them and all was well with the world! Everyone at home loved it and we finished the two loaves in 2 days!

Next up in the BBA Challenge: Christopsomos, a Greek Celebration Bread!


susies1955 said...

Try it again sometime. :) It was probably so cold that it would have taken quite a VERY long time to rise.
It sounds like they were very tasty if you ate them that fast. :o)

pinkstripes said...

I have to say, based on my experience even when the 2nd rise doesn't work--the bread is always delicious. I think your loaf still looks great.

anudivya said...

I like this bread a lot... how have you been girl?

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Bread looks soft and moist... Its a great idea to get along and bake...

Divya Vikram said...

Sounds scrumptious! perfectly baked Anu..

Superchef said...

maybe i should join this..I have so far never successfully baked a bread and hence a lil hesitant to try again!

finishing 2 loaves in 2 days is proof that it was yummy!

jayasree said...

Bread looks soft and perfect.

Rachel said...

the 2nd rise always doesn't really matter...but 2 loaves in 2 days speaks for the taste.

Parita said...

The bread looks perfect...

Priya said...

Prefectly bakes Bread...fabulous slices Arundathi!

Happy cook said...

I still have to make this bread form the book this looks really yumm.
When you made the greekcelebration bread you will love it as when i made them the whole family said delicious.

rekhas kitchen said...

bread looks so soft and yum

niagaragirl said...

Can't believe you went through the loaves so fast! Yes we liked the taste of these too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

bindiya said...

these look sooo lovely ,who says they did not turn out well?

mandira said...

i love the way ur breads turn out each time-perfect!

Jill said...

The great thing about bread, it doesn't matter if it's what you thought it would look like, it always tastes great!
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I look forward to seeing your next creation.

Rathna said...

Looks delicious Arundathi. No wonder you guys finished it so fast :-) I can see the cornmeal inside the bread.

Srivalli said...

anu you seem to have become a prefect baker!..:)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

The loaf I refrigerated/retarded didn't have a huge second rise in the pan as opposed to the one I let rise and baked right away either. The taste was just as good.
I really enjoyed the corn meal in this.
Hope to get my next one started today.

Curry Leaf said...

have heard about the bread,thgh never ever got the recipe.Looks ok to me.All your breads are perfect as far as I am concerned.

Arundathi said...

Susies1955 - Yes, I really should have been more patient! Next time!

Pinkstripes - You're right because this one definitely was!

Anudivya - Very well, thank you!!

Ramya - It is, isn't it? Learned so much already from this group!

Divya Vikram - thank you!

Superchef - Oh I wish you had joined. The last date was May 10th. Yes, granted they were small loaves but they were great!

Jayasree - Thanks!

Rachel - Yes, but we were 7 people who couldnt stop toasting and buttering! lol!

Parita - Thank you!

Priya - Thank you very much

Happy cook - I made it for Mother's Day and everyone loved it!

Rekha's Kitchen - Thanks!

Niagaragirl - Well there were lots of us and the loaves are quite small (atleast thats what we're saying!) lol!

Bindiya - Hmm. My camera mostly! :)

Mandira - Thanks so much.

Jill - Yes, thats so true. I was expecting something else. Maybe just have to change the expectations!

Rathna - Yes, can you see the little specks of corn? It gave it a lot of texture and crunch

Srivalli - Thanks a lot, valli

MyKitchenInHalfCups - Maybe I should've just left it out to proof longer! Next time

Curry Leaf - Thanks so much - thats a lovely compliment. Try searching on Google books for the recipe!

♥Rosie♥ said...

Looks so delicious Arundathi nothing can beat homebaked bread - yum!

Rosie x

Jamie said...

Ah, the infamous Anadama Bread that I have been reading about on your Twitter page! It looks great!

Bharti said...

Hmm...sounds lovely to me. And the concept of the group bread baking is great. I'm excited to see all the breads you'll be baking!

Sunshinemom said...

The loaf looks good anyways!

Jude said...

This is all your fault. Now i have no time to bake anything else :)

Arundathi said...

Rosie - Really nothing even comes close to home baked bread!

Jamie - :-) Yeah, a mad bunch of twitterers!

Bharti - Well, we have 42 to go, so you're gonna be seeing a LOT of breads!

Sunshinemom - Thanks!

Jude - :D happy to be baking with you!!

Ricky said...

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Siri said...

Hey Anu, tu tho awesome baker ban gayi re!! I ordered my book yesterday, so hope to join you guys soon!.. I heard you are coming here for your vacation. How cool is that.. but the sad part is, I can't meet you as I am in DC right now. and I *hate* dhivya for this ;). I know you guys will have loads of fun!! Call me when you are together...:))))


Nanette said...

Your anadama bread looks great! I can't wait to see you work your way through that Reinhart book.

DK said...

yeh yeh yeh - Oh boy! am I excited for the "D" day!

r u gng to NY first? when's the approx date for u near my place?

Cant wait to call siri when we are together! It will b double mast! ;)

I can expect a call from Siri now calling me names after reading this comment:)

haleysuzanne said...

It was delicious, wasn't it?

I put my dough in the fridge, and it required quite a bit of time to warm up. I had to knead it again, reshape it - everything. Next time - I'm leaving it on the counter and staying home!

Rebeca said...

I'm sure it was delicious! I love the little golden flecks. I have fond memories of the months I spent in India. I hope to come for a visit with my husband and children someday soon.

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

If you're fridge is really cold and room temperature low, then the second rise out of the fridge will take longer.

Still, they look good and it sounds like they tasted great, so all is not lost. :)

Arundathi said...

Ricky - Thanks

Siri - Thanks babe - had a great time.

Nanette - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up with the awesome group.

DK - lol!! Was good finally meeting you!!

haleysuzanne - Yes, it does need a longer time to rise.

Rebeca - :) Glad you enjoyed India!

Laurie Ashton Farook - Yup, will definitely leave it out for longer next time.