Wednesday, August 6, 2008

English Muffin Loaf

Only after moving away and then back to India did I realize how Indians love sandwich bread. They don't like crusty, hard loaves or chewy bagels or baguettes or muffins! Or at least, they are not available anywhere. I miss(ed) English Muffins.

I missed, that is, until I came across this English Muffin Loaf recipe in one of my favorite blogs, More than Burnt Toast. Valli is a talented blogger who gives us some absolutely drool-worthy recipes. And it's not just the wonderful photographs, but the writing too.

I slightly altered the recipe, but very slightly.

English Muffin Loaf
(adapted from Bellini Valli at More than Burnt Toast)

1/2 T sugar
1/4 cup warm water (I used a little more than that)
1 packet Fast Rising Active Dry Yeast
1 cup milk
1 tsp salt
2 cups all-purpose flour + 1 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 tsp baking soda

Dissolve sugar in warm water. Add yeast and let stand 10 minutes then stir well.

Combine milk and salt in saucepan. Heat over low heat until lukewarm. Add milk mixture to dissolved yeast.

Add 1 cup flour combined with baking soda. Mix until smooth. Stir in the remaining flour.

Pour the batter into a loaf pan, sprinkled with semolina. Sprinkle some semolina on top of the dough as well. Let it rise for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Bake at 200 deg C for 25 minutes. Remove from pan and let cool.

I sliced it up and we had it for breakfast - hot, buttered English muffins with poached eggs and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you Valli for a great recipe!

If you like English Muffins, you should also check out Nicole's post about traditional English Muffins over at For the Love of Food.


Ranjani said...


Divya Vikram said...

Perfect with poached eggs..Looks lovely..

Rajani said...

wow I am impressed with your persistence with bread! good show... I still have to try my hand at bread - have collected loads of recipes, now all I need is some guts to get on with it!

Elsye said...

I've never made english muffin before, and yours look yummy....!, I'll try it...thanks for the recipe :D

Passionate About Baking said...

Bookmarked looks great! BTW, how you doing & how's the little one? xoxox Deeba

Jude said...

Sounds really good with the eggs. Thanks for this recipe!

lakshmi said...

looks so good anu. after hearing you rave about how good they were, i can't wait to try them!! let me check with mandira - they seem like a good fit for a recipe both of us can try together.

Arundathi said...

Ranjani, Divya - Thanks :)

Rajani - do try it - its wonderful!

Elyse - Sure. Enjoy!

Deeba - doing well! thanks for stopping by. hope you're little ones are great too!!

Jude - yes it was perfect with the poached egg.

Laks - that'll be so cool! would love to see your interpretations of this!

Bellini Valli said...

So glad that you decided to give this loaf a try. My sister and I have been making these loaves sionce we were in our teens...that is a long...long time:D

Roma said...

Looks absolutely stunning! Wish I could cut out a slice.

Srivalli said...

wow..that looks simply great!!!...maybe I can ask you to simply make it for me the next time..:))

Sunshinemom said...

I tried this from Valli's blog too, but added bananas, and turned it into a nut loaf! I loved this recipe and your loaf!

Beth said...

Looks great, especially with the poached egg!! Making me want it now - instead I have a soggy sandwich for lunch

Mallika said...

I remember milk bread, the slightly sweet, plasticy stuff my mum made sandwiches out of. Your loaf looks much better!

Pearlsofeast said...

beautifull loaf.This looks great with poached eggs.

bee said...

awesome. i oughtta try this with some whole wheat mixed in.

Dragon said...

I have to try this! And you have such a perfectly poached egg as well. Great job.

cook eat FRET said...

did someone say HOT BUTTERED POACHED EGGS???

Arundathi said...

Valli - Then its truly Tried and Tested! :) Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

Roma - I'll send some over!

Srivalli - Sure, anytime.

Sunshinemom - oh thats a great idea!

Beth - :( uh oh - sucks when you blog hop at lunchtime!

Mallika - thanks.

Pearlsofeast - thanks.

bee - that's a great idea. looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Dragon - thank you!

Cook eat FRET - POACHED EGGS ON HOT BUTTERED TOAST! ;) thanks for stopping by!

Sophie said...

We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

Arundathi said...

Sophie - Since this isn't my original recipe, I am not the one to ask. The details of the original recipe is in my post. Thank you.

Swati Raman Garg said...

iam bowled over with your talent with breads n pizzas n muffins .. u guys better start with what u thought of.... its high time....
iam hungry... i love love love poached egg and that pic is killing me...