Monday, April 21, 2008

Poached Eggs

I've always enjoyed poached eggs and have been wanting to try making it in the microwave oven. I thought the Weekend Breakfast Blogging - Microwave event would get me moving to finally try.

It took several eggs to get it right. So if you like poached eggs, follow these steps for a perfect tasting (maybe not perfect looking) poached egg!

Poached Eggs

1 Egg
1 Mug
1 Slotted spoon

Fill the mug half-way with water. Crack the egg and very carefully slip the egg into the water. Make a couple of jabs at the yolk with a toothpick or fork. Microwave for about 90-110 seconds (I tried several times, and it finally worked at 100 seconds. I guess it totally depends on your microwave). Remove the egg carefully with a slotted spoon.

Out came that perfect poached egg.

The way to tell whether the egg is done is when the white is completely firm, but the yellow should still be runny.

P.S. Oops Just realized Eggs weren't being considered in this WBB! Oh well, guess atleast I know now how to poach eggs in the microwave!

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Pavani said...

Thats a quick and easy way to poach an egg. Thanks for sharing your tip. Will try.

Arundathi said...

It is definitely easy - do let me know how it turns out. And thanks for stopping by.